Loyalty Awards

Loyal customers is a crucial but often overlooked competitive factor. At Loyalty Group we wish to honor the companies in our industry surveys who have succeeded in their work with customer loyalty.

Below we have listed the companies with the best customer loyalty results.
We will continuously update the list with winners from our upcoming industry surveys.

Congratulations to the companies who, according to their own customers, are best in class when it comes to customer loyalty!

Best In Class
Year Country Winner
Auto 2015 Danmark BMW
Internet 2015 Danmark Waoo!
Mobil 2015 Danmark Call me
Forsikring 2014 Danmark Lærerstandens Brandforsikring
Bank 2014 Danmark Arbejdernes Landsbank
Pension 2014 Danmark PensionDanmark
Mobil 2014 Danmark CBB Mobil
Auto 2014 Norge Lexus
Internet 2014 Danmark Waoo!
Auto 2014 Danmark BMW
Dagligvarer 2013 Danmark Irma
Forsikring 2013 Danmark Lærerstandens Brandforsikring
Pension 2013 Danmark Industriens Pension
Bank 2013 Danmark Arbejdernes Landsbank
A-kasse 2013 Denmark Krifa
Fagforening 2013 Denmark Danmarks Lærerforening
Auto 2013 Norway Lexus
Internet 2013 Denmark Waoo!
Mobile 2013 Denmark Telmore
Auto 2013 Denmark BMW
Forsikring 2012 Denmark Lærerstandens Brandforsikring
Pension 2012 Denmark AP Pension
Bank 2012 Denmark Sydbank
A-kasse 2012 Denmark Krifa
Internet 2012 Denmark Waoo
Fagforening 2012 Denmark Krifa
Mobil 2012 Denmark CBB Mobil
Auto 2012 Denmark BMW
Auto 2012 Norway Lexus
Auto 2012 Svweden Lexus
Auto 2011 Denmark BMW
Auto 2011 Norway BMW
Auto 2011 Sweden Subaru
Forsikring 2011 Denmark Lærerstandens Brandforsikring
Bilforsikring 2011 Denmark Lærerstandens Brandforsikring
Bank 2011 Denmark Sydbank
Pension 2011 Denmark AP Pension
Auto 2010 Denmark Audi
Auto 2010 Norway BMW
Auto 2010 Sweden Subaru
Bank 2010 Denmark Sydbank

If you wish to know more about our industry surveys, you are welcome to contact Research Manager Lars Jepsen by email lj@loyaltygroup.dk or phone +45 70 25 26 27. 

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