Customer centricity – we help you all the way

A customer centricity project can often lead to new initiatives and optimization of existing processes in all parts of your company. Therefore we have built a solid network of international business partners within sales, marketing, IT, analysis and training.

All of our business partners are skilled and acknowledged experts within their field of business, and they know what we mean when Loyalty Group talk about customer centricity. They can support the project with services like data processing, optimizing sales processes and targeting your marketing efforts.

If you already have trusted business partners and wish to work with them, Loyalty Group can coordinate and work together with them as well. We often take the role as project managers as well as the responsibility for your success with your customer centricity project.

Our partners:


Customer Centricity - Consulting


Who is Futurelab?
Futurelab can best be described as Loyalty Group's equivalent within customer centricity and has strong skills within strategic consulting. The company's main office is located in Belgium and operates primarily on the South and Middle European market, as well as Eastern Europe and Russia.

What difference do they make?
Futurelab complements Loyalty Group in projects within customer centricity, when it makes sense from a geographical, linguistic or competence point of view. Futurelab's skills will typically be relevant in larger, international projects - either in the form of sparing or consulting within the strategy development process.

How do you benefit from this?
Our collaboration with Futurelab ensures that you have access to key competencies within customer centricity on an international level. You can access unique knowledge and experience - also when your ambitions exceeds far outside Denmark's borders.



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