Lars Jepsen

Research Manager

Why is it exciting to work with customer-centricity?
Customer-centricity has a positive financial effect on the companies and creates a better relationship between the company and the customer.

What is the best thing about working at Loyalty Group?
Dagene, hvor vi møder udfordringer med nye kunder i nye brancher - de holder os "skarpe" i arbejdet med at gøre en forskel for vores kunder.

Lars JepsenWhat do you perceive as your most important task at Loyalty Group?
To ensure that we always deliver the right solution to our customers.

What do you perceive as your best personal skill?
Diligence and the ability to try to solve complex task in a simple way.

What do you perceive as your worst personal ability (just admit it)?
My stubbornness and solo performance in relations to solving tasks.

What is your greatest passion?
I enjoy quality time with my family and try to be the handyman when restoring the family home.

What is your personal motto?
Don't start doing something - if you don't intend to do something about it!

What do you appreciate the most about your colleagues at Loyalty Group?
Our differences and the informal atmosphere.

Contact Lars:

Mobile: +45 21 49 29 61


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