Mikkel Korntved

CEO, Senior Advisor

Why is it exciting to work with customer-centricity?
Strong customer relationships are universally important in business - a growth opportunity strongly overlooked by most.

Mikkel KorntvedWhat is the best thing about working at Loyalty Group?
You can make a significant difference for our customers - together with some very engaged colleagues.

What do you perceive as your most important task at Loyalty Group?
Balancing the daily task of helping our customers - simultaneously with nurturing and developing my colleagues.

What do you perceive as your best personal skill?
A positive and creative mindset, which is always open for new inspiration - and the ability to think business critical.

What do you perceive as your worst personal ability (just admit it)?
I would like to save the entire world and therefore often get a bit too much on my plate - Also I'm impatient.

What is your greatest passion?
To travel is to live - foreign landscapes, delicious food, great wine and inspiring people.

What is your personal motto?
I believe in the best in people and situations - Until proven otherwise.

What do you appreciate the most about your colleagues at Loyalty Group?
Everyone chip in when needed - We're like a family, who looks out for each other.

Contact Mikkel:

E-mail: mk@loyaltygroup.eu
Mobile: +45 40 11 41 22

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