Customer Life Cycle

If you want loyal customers, you have to look at the ability of your company to create value through The Cutomer Life Cycle - from the very first customer meeting to an eventual customer exit. We can help you gain an overview of the most significant customer touch points and also make sure you obtain the necessary knowledge about how you increase value for your customers at all stages. We divide The Customer Life Cycle in six stages that are characterized by specific commercial challenges. 

Customer lifecycle

1. Acquisition

It is expensive and time consuming to acquire new customers. We help you attract the right customers and ensure that as few as possible are lost in the sales process.

2. Alignment

It is important to align expectations in the beginning of the cooperation. We help you uncover and align customer expectations in order to create optimal value.

3. Development

It is important to constantly develop the relationship with your customers. We give you the answer to how you can strengthen the relationship and use the potential for added sales.

4. Retention

Which of your customers are considering switching to your competitor? We monitor customer attitude so you can react before it is too late.

5. Critical phase

The moment of truth in a customer relationship is when a crisis arises. We help you manage and prevent customer complaints as well as to act wisely when the crisis is a reality.

6. Exit

When your customers choose to leave, you can try to win them back or tactfully end the relationship. We help you make the right decision and rightfully execute it. 

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