Our work proces

A cooperation with us starts with a conversation about the challenges, goals and needs of your company. We recommend that you bring us onboard in the process as early as possible and let us help define the scope of your customer centricity project. Our work method consists of five steps to help you secure that knowledge about your customers are turned into concrete actions and value for the company. 

 Arbejdsproces -audit



  • Clarify  the current situation of the company
  • Clarify the financial potential and consequences of the project
  • Ensure  management understanding, interest and support

 Arbejdsproces -afklaring



  • Identify relevant organisational processes
  • Uncover the need for knowledge in the company
  • Determine sources of necessary insight

 Arbejdsproces -indsigt



  • Activate sources of insight
  • Gather relevant knowledge
  • Structure and prepare knowledge

 Arbejdsproces -tolkning



  • Identify patterns and trends in the knowledge base
  • Commercial interpretation
  • Identify and prioritize projects

 Arbejdsproces -implementering



  • Establish a project management forum
  • Brief and activate external projects
  • Implement identified projects


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