First Hotel Skt. Petri


First Hotel Skt. Petri is one of the few five star hotels in Denmark to be found among the prestigious "Design Hotels of the World". From the very beginning it has been a goal in itself to provide the hotel guests with an extraordinary hotel experience ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. With the purpose of gathering valuable feedback on a regular basis, the management of First Hotel Skt. Petri chose an online solution with web-based questionnaires making it easier for the hotel to engage in a 1:1 dialogue with each guest.


Loyalty Group developed web-based questionnaires in Danish and English. All hotel guests received a tailor-made mail, inviting them to participate in a customer satisfaction study regarding their passed stay at the hotel.  Via an administration module provided by Loyalty Group, the hotels' employees executed the mailing of invitations to guests a few days after their departure. Through the administration module they could track responses, monitor customer satisfaction and inform customer-facing hotel staff to undertake appropriate measures. Finally, the administration module made it possible to create a range of reports, to be used by hotel top management.

"The design and built-in intelligence of the solution made it possible for us to target messages to each customer. Consequently, our guests were not bothered with questions irrelevant to them or questions they were unable to answer."
General Manager Michael Telling


The user-friendly solution made it easy for hotel management to coordinate and execute customer studies. The solution provided a quick and focused overview of the guest experience. On top of that the administration module handled by the hotel staff, made it easy to monitor responses and undertake appropriate measures in order to strengthen the guests' experiences and satisfaction with the hotel.

"The cooperation with Loyalty Group has enabled us to monitor customer satisfaction on a 1:1 basis and thereby engage in a highly segmented and unique customer dialogue. We use the results to support decision making concerning future hotel activities."
General Manager Michael Telling

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