Hartmann Ltd  is among the world's three largest producers of moulded-fibre egg packaging with a yearly turnover of approximately DKK 1.6 billion. As part of a large quality assurance program, Hartmann wanted to monitor their customers' experiences and preferences in order to undertake appropriate, adequate, and prioritized actions.

"Our future competitiveness is more than ever defined by our ability to understand our market and our customers. We are forced to target our products to our customers. Our ability to create value for money for each customer is crucial to our business. Hence, we saw the need to add the customers' perspective to our quality assurance program, enabling us to evaluate our business strategy from the most important perspective i.e. that of our customers."
Group Manager Per V. Frederiksen


Hartmann Ltd decided to undertake an extensive customer satisfaction study in order to improve their understanding of their customers' needs. Loyalty Group was hired to carry out the project in 33 countries and in 16 different languages. Loyalty Group analyzed the data of the comprehensive customer study, worked out segmented reports target top management in each of the 33 different markets. On top of this Key Account Managers in each country were provided with 1:1 customer reports enabling them to engage in a 1:1 tailored dialogue with each customer.

Along with Hartmann's top management, Loyalty Group carried out several workshops and training sessions with customer-facing staff across the various touch points. The latter involving a workshop in Frankfurt with the European Sales Division and key personnel from production and logistics. During the workshop participants were trained in using the gathered customer data towards planning unique 1:1 customer initiatives -  in other words, strengthening their customer centricity.

"Often projects stall in the hand over from a top management priority to a projected to be implemented throughout the organization. We were exited when we learned that Loyalty Group had the same experiences along with an adequate solution to the challenge. Our Sales Managers are used to working autonomously and as such we needed to provide them with a set of tools in order for them to improve their customer dialogue."
CEO Claus Stig Pedersen


Through the co-operation with Loyalty Group, Hartmann has gained deep insight into their customer handling. The comprehensive project has improved Hartmann's value chain, product quality and ability to handle dissatisfied customers. These parameters have all lead to increased customer loyalty, turnover, and earnings.

"We have initiated or continued three strategic projects addressing areas of loyalty. The consequences of the projects are extensive as they affect our way of interacting with our customers. The projects improve our value chain, product quality and ability to handle dissatisfied customers. We strongly believe that these projects, together with the organizational actions, will improve our customers' loyalty as well as future business growth."
CEO Per V. Frederiksen

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