Arctic Umiaq Line


Artic Umiaq Line A/S (AUL) provides passenger ferry transport in the territorial waters of Greenland. By the end of 2009 AUL made the transition to regular market conditions, as the home rule government had decided to no longer provide security for operating losses. In order to make the transition successful, the AUL management wanted to gain insight into their customers' needs and level of satisfaction.  AUL management would then use the information to formulate a business strategy and optimize operations. Their stated objective was an annual increase of 20 percent in turnover per passenger.

"With our transition from a government supported business to an ordinary business in mind, it was important to us, to get an understanding of our customers' experiences with on board offers. This would make us capable of focusing on areas in need of improvement along with optimizing earnings."
CEO Jette Larsen


In the light of AUL's operational changes, management wished to uncover the added sales potential on board the vessel M/S Sarfaq Ittuk. Hence, a qualitative study in the form of a 3 day field study was carried out. The field study was combined with a quantitative customer study on customer experiences of existing offers on board.
The purpose of the field study was twofold. Firstly, the idea was to uncover the actual customer touch points on board shaping the customers' experiences. Secondly, it aimed at revealing added sales potentials across the different customer touch points.


The field study demonstrated that AUL had already successfully carried out a number of its initiatives. This was supported by the quantitative customer study finding that customers in all segments were very satisfied when travelling with AUL.  However, the customer study also uncovered an unknown potential in transforming on board services into a more sales and marketing oriented culture. I.e. all employees should focus on creating added sales on board. Loyalty Group worked out a detailed report with concrete recommendations and carried out a two day workshop focusing on prioritizing and implementing various activities of importance to the customers.

"The comprehensive report was subdivided into several sections making us capable of going into greater detail within certain areas. That it turn made it possible for us to implement new activities on a regular basis or start up projects that would pay off in the long term. First of all, we concentrated on implementing the low-cost-changes into our daily routines."
CEO Jette Larsen

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