”Brandwashed”- yet more proof that the recommendations work

What happens if you send a family on a secret mission with the aim to influence the surroundings with messages about specific companies and products? The Danish brand expert Martin Lindstrom conducted the experiment confirming that recommendations actually work.

Martin Lindstrøm experiment was about a family, The Morning Sons, who moved into a neighborhood in the city of Laguna in California. The family soon became popular among the new neighbours who were not aware that the family was cast to be a model family; "the All-American Family."

The family's only goal was to influence people with commercial messages in a safe and homely environment where they least expected it. The family was monitored with hidden microphones and cameras so they could follow their attempts to influence others with messages of different brands.

Recommendations affecting the choice of companies and products

At the end of the project the "fake" family revealed the truth to their friends and acquaintances who indicated that they were largely been influenced by The Morning Sons. The family's recommendations had been a significant factor in their choice of companies and products during the experiment.

The experiment was thus another proof of how powerful recommendations are. In the real world it happens all the time, we recommend companies and products to each other. Remember that the next time you are in contact with your customers. If you give them a good experience, there is a high probability that they will pass on the message.

Watch the video about the experiment here