Highlights from the Conference "Best in Class - Unique in Customer Loyalty"

Participants from all over Scandinavia came to Loyalty Group's Conference "Best in Class - Unique in customer loyalty" on the 20th November, to get inspiration and learn from the best.
Winners of this year's Loyalty Awards shared concrete advice and recommendations about loyalty in practice, and Aston Martin and Jumeirah Group from Dubai took the participants on the journey towards the ultimate customer experience.

Mette Lolholm, Corporate Communications Specialist, BMW says: "I think it was a really exciting conference. You could say that customer satisfaction is something that is relevant in all industries. If you are not satisfying clients, you simply can't have a business. It was really exciting to hear about the approach that people have to it at various levels. All in all, it is about exceeding customer expectations, and there were many different ideas." 

From an impressive list of local and international speakers, we have picked 3 presentations that show the depth of this conference (Please see separate articles!):

What characterizes the best in CustomerLoyalty

Mikkel Korntved, CEO of Loyalty Group with the topic "What characterizes the best in Customer Loyalty"

World Class Hotel Experiences

Milad Badri, Brand Strategy Manager, Jumeirah Group with the topic "World Class Hotel Experiences"

Customer Experiences in the FastLane

Markus Kramer, Global Marketing Director at Aston Martin with topic "Customer Experiences in the Fast Lane"

Watch the video from the conference here:

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