"The Truth About Customer Experience"

Source: Harvard Business Review , September 2013

Harvard Business ReviewThe article "The Truth About Customer Experience" in the September issue of Harvard Business Review emphasizes why a focus on the customer's shopping journey can lead to significant financial and organizational results.
Companies have generally for a long time focused on customer contact in connection with certain events. The so-called "touch points", which are the many critical moments when customers interact with the company on the road to purchase and after. To maximize customer satisfaction based on a few defined times of the buying process can give companies a wrong picture of reality and get customers to appear more satisfied with the company than they actually are.

The article encourages companies' to not only focus on touch-points, but on the whole the customer purchase journey from start to finish;- continuously monitoring, not only focusing on  specific customer interaction. This gives a better view of the customer experience in connection with various purchases and the reason for any customer churn. With this background and knowledge the company can then prioritize its efforts.

Focus on the entire purchase journey strengthen the profits

The article also refer to research showing that there is a clear link between customer satisfaction and increased profits with examples from television and automobiles. Looking across industries business  achieve a 30-40% increased effect on customer satisfaction when they focus on the entire customer purchase journey and not only on the touch-points. In addition the companies see an additional 20-30%  impact on business performance in terms of increased earnings and redemptions, lower churn and positive recommendations of the company.

To get an overview of the customer's purchase journey the article proposes to bring together teams across the organization so that everyone is confronted with problems that occur in the various functions. By clear communication and  working with design and implementation of solutions together, create a larger possibility that the solutions also works in the long run. In addition, it is crucial to tailor metrics for the customer purchase journey so that the various departments can be measured.

It can take years to perfectly develop the customer purchase journey, but the rewards of doing so is a higher customer and employee satisfaction, increased revenue and reduced costs. It can thus naturally provide companies that focus on the  customer purchase journey, a significant competitive advantage and differentiation in the market.

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