How “bad” is bad customer service really?

One of this summer's "hits" on the internet has been an 8 minuts recording of a customer who wants to cancel his contract with the largest internet provider in the US.


It is unbelievable, that a professional company has customer service agents acting like the one you hear in this recording. Enjoy!

Listen to the sound clip

What can we learn from this?

The first thing is the importance of social media today! 

Note that within 48 hours after Ryan Block posted the recording on Soundcloud, over 4 million people had listened to it, and that  number has been growing rapidly since it was posted mid-July.

As ex-Vice President Lee Cockerell from Disney says in his latest book: "You win customers one at a time and you lose them a thousand at a time". The Customers power to hit your business where it hurts, has never been stronger, so you better try to avoid situations that upset your customers so much, that they want to "tell the world".

Secondly, and maybe more interesting, from a Customer Centric perspective, this Comcast case shows the importance to have the right people in the right places.

Take a look at this article posted on LinkedIn earlier; it really includes some good points.