Successful Event for Loyalty Group

Loyalty Group engaged to run workshop under Business Leaders Malta's Insight program.

On Friday April 25th more than 40 delegates participated in the workshop "Customer Loyalty - The Forgotten Path To Increased Profitability" arranged at the Radisson BLU Hotel in St. Julian.

Business Leaders Malta had done a proper job promoting the event, and it was actually overbooked.

Delegates came from middle management in all type of industries; from private hospitals and jewellers to insurance and furniture retail.

It was the first time something like this had been arranged locally on the topic of Customer Loyalty, and the interest opened for a positive development for Loyalty Groups engagement on the island.

The feedback from participants was genuinely positive; some commented that it was about time that Customer Loyalty was put on the agenda and others asked when there would be another similar session so they could bring more of their employees in.

Loyalty Group's CEO Mikkel Korntved was flown in to run the workshop after a successful model used in Scandinavia.

Workshop under Business Leaders Malta

Theory & Practice

The program contained a theoretical part and a practical hands-on session.

After an "eye opener" test showing that unfortunately,-  but not surprisingly,  most delegates could not acknowledge to a high degree of the loyalty focus in their business.

Mikkel took them then through the "hard" facts about why and how to work with Customer Loyalty and Centricity, and it seemed like especially the economic consequences and gains of this caught interest. The "teaching" part of the program ended with a few best practice cases from successful businesses.

In the hands-on practice the delegates should use experience from their own business to look into challenges and barriers that stopped them being more Customer Centric and then later generate and develop ideas of what can be done to give their Customers a better experience.

Growing Interest in Customer Loyalty

The interest from many of the participants to be kept updated about Customer Loyalty & Centricity, as well as learning more about the topic, will keep Loyalty Group's local representative Paul Aas active in the time coming.

As a result of the success of this first Maltese arrangement, there's already decided that a similar workshop will be arranged in the summer and that a large Customer Centric conference; "Customer 2014" will take place in the late autumn.

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