Build Your Customer Strategy

- A Guide to Greating Profitable Customer Relationships

Build Your Customer StrategyReview by Anja Valentino, Loyalty Group

Author: James G. Barnes
Publisher: Wiley
Release: 2006
Pages: 224
Language: English

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Why you should read this book

Not many companies have defined an actual customer strategy. Most companies may not even know what such a strategy should contain. James G. Barnes gives his recipe for a successful customer strategy and provides models and hints on how to overcome the challenge of this. The book is a good read for anyone who is interested in working with customer strategies.

Main conclusions from the book

It is popular these days to be customer focused, and more than 90% of business leaders state that their business actually is so. The problem is that when the same people describe their business, it turns out that they're actually company focused.

The background for the book is that a company must have a customer strategy in place to ensure customer focus and ability to compete efficiently in the market. All parts of the business must be committed to focusing on the customers and their needs. Many companies think they have a good relationship with their customers simply because they come back. They could not be more wrong. It is essential to develop a strategy on how to create and maintain an emotional relationship with the customers; - a strategy for how to handle them, communicate with them, guide their experiences - and ultimately create the right customer emotions and feelings.

Companies need a strategy that leads to emotional relationships because customers are people with human needs. They want to be treated as people who are important, and not just numbers in a database. When companies have realized the value of this, they can target their efforts to not only be customer focused, but also to achieve emotional relationships with and for customers.

The book rating

It is worth noticing that James G. Barnes wrote "Build your customer strategy" before social media was common and accepted by both private individuals and companies. James G. Barnes was in this perspective ahead of his time about the importance of personal bonding and the value of good customer relations.

"Build your customer strategy" describes the relations that build value for customers. J.G. Barnes provides models for what a company needs to focus on and avoid, in building valuable relationships with customers. The book is more than ever highly relevant for companies in today's tough competitive markets.

However, it should be emphasized that seen from a 2014 perspective there is nothing revolutionary new in the book. However, are you about to develop a customer strategy or want to learn more about how to create customer relationships at an emotional level? If so the book gives a clear, relevant and meaningful introduction to this.

Based on this we give the book 4 out of 7 possible stars. 



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