Arbejdernes Landsbank wins Loyalty Award

Arbejdernes Landsbank wins a Loyalty Award in 2013 in the light of their loyalty results of Loyalty Group study Industry Index Banking 2013.

Loyalty Group rewards every year the companies with the most loyal customers in their industry with a Loyalty Award. The prize is awarded on the basis of corporate loyalty results in the yearly Industry Index.

Industry Index Banking in 2013 shows that Arbejdernes Landsbank again tops the bank with the most loyal customers in 2013 with a loyalty index of 72 (Figure 1).

Communications and Marketing Director at AL Bank, Peter Froulund says about the results:
- The award confirms our view that our consultants who every day face to the customer and provide responsible advice, do what is needed to keep customers satisfied and stay with us for many years. We are proud and also humbled by the trust of our customers and will monitor performance of the Industry Index Banking study prospectively, so that we can become even better to serve our customers.

BrancheIndex Bank 2013Figure 1: Loyalty Index among banks (index 0-100, based on the intersection of loyalty issues with 1-7 response scales)

Pension, insurance and food retail are the next segments, which will be awarded Loyalty Awards. The results from this year's Industry Index will be published in appropriate media and Loyalty Group's newsletter LoyaltyNews.

Awards and inspiration on 20 November

Arbejdernes Landsbank will receive their Loyalty Award at the Loyalty Group Conference "Best in Class - Unique on customer loyalty" , 20 November. The conference also offers inspiration for working with customer information from successful Danish and international companies.