Ascom puts evaluation of customer projects on the agenda

AscomAscom is now setting evaluation of customer projects on the agenda in Denmark, Norway and Sweden . A partnership with Loyalty Group to ensure that Ascom meet customer expectations, and that customers would recommend the company to others.

Ascom develops and markets solutions for wireless communications for public and private companies. There are complex solutions and customer projects may extend over 1-2 years.
Marketing Manager at Ascom, Maj Britt Madsen sees a great need to put the evaluation of projects in the system:
- We have been responsible for project follow-up earlier, but it was a manual and cumbersome process, and we did not use the knowledge we got for customers. Therefore, we have now decided to get a professional substantial input from outside. Loyalty Group can advise us about the process, ensuring that we get asked the right questions and present information in a relevant way for the individual functions.

The goal is satisfied customers and learning across the organization

The primary purpose of project evaluation is to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, as customers would like to recommend Ascom to other companies. The evaluation should reveal whether Ascom meet customer expectations on all parameters and reveal any complaintst. Maj Britt Madsen explains:
- It is important for us to catch problems at an early stage, so we can take action on them and ensure customer satisfaction - both in relation to the specific project and future projects. The project evaluation will help to highlight both our mistakes and our successes and create the basis for learning across the organization.

Advice and inspiration in working with customer satisfaction

The dialogue around the question framework and system requirements for project evaluation is in full swing, and Maj Britt Madsen sees it as the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Loyalty Group. Project evaluation will provide an enhanced customer experience, and the next important step will be to get rooted and applied knowledge in the organization. Maj Britt Madsen concludes:
- Ascom's core competence lies elsewhere, and we have therefore chosen to buy expert knowledge of customer satisfaction. Loyalty Group can give us the inspiration and sparring, we need in the process. They can ensure that we have appropriate knowledge of our customers and advise us on how we use it actively to enhance the customer experience.