Expectation management strengthen internet companies’ image

2,800 Internet customers have participated in Industry Index Internet 2013 and evaluated their company's image relative to its competitors. Focus on Customer Experience and expectation management ensures Waoo! a top position.

Number 1 on image and customer loyalty

Customers perceive  that  Waoo! is the Internet company with the best image in the industry. The company is also 4 index points up compared to last year. At the bottom you will find Telenor Broadband, which has taken over that position from Telia.

BrancheIndex Internet 2013

Figure 1: My ISP has a good image in the industry (index 0-100, converted from a 1-7 response scale)

Waoo! also top the ranking  when it comes to customer loyalty and increased their lead with 3 index points compared to last year. Telia fall back to last place despite an increase of 10 index points compared to last year.

BranceIndex Internet 2013

Figure 2: The Danes loyalty to their ISP (loyalty index of 0-100, based on the intersection of loyalty issues with 1-7 response scales)

CEO of Loyalty Group Mikkel Korntved comment on the results:

- Waoo! also scores high on speed and stability in the study, but that alone does not give them a good image and high customer loyalty. It is equally important to provide good service and that customers experience that their internet provider deliver what they promise.

Great interest for Industry Index Internet 

Industry Index Internet has met great interest from the Danish Internet companies and the press. The study's results have also been mentioned on Computerworld.dk. You are welcome to contact research consultant Nitin Ruparelia e-mail nr@loyaltygroup.dk or phone +45 7025 2627 for more information on Industry Index Internet 2013.