Increasing loyalty among Danish bank customers

There is a general increase in loyalty among the Danish bank customers, but looking at individual banks, there is a big difference in how many customers are considering switching bank. It's revealed  in the results Loyalty Group study Industry Index Bank 2013.

3900 bank customers have participated in Industry Index Banking 2013 and have assessed their bank in key areas such as marketing, products and complaint handling.

The study shows that there are significant differences in the proportion of customers who are considering switching bank in the near future. The entire 20 percentage points between Arbejdernes Landsbank at the top and Danske Bank at the bottom (Figure 1).

Mikkel Korntved, CEO of Loyalty Group comment to the results:
- This clearly shows the importance of focusing on customer loyalty. If you translate it into real currency, you can see what impact it has on the bottom line. In addition, you can attach the lower influx of new customers and fewer recommendations, which is a natural result of disloyal customers.

BrancheIndex Bank 2013

Figure 1: If today you had to choose your future banking, how likely is it that you would again choose your current bank? (Index 0-100, converted from a 1-7 response scale)

Great interest for Industry Index Bank 2013

Results from Industry Index Bank in 2013 have met great interest from Danish banks and the press. The study's results include been mentioned in local business media. You are welcome to contact research consultant Nitin Ruparelia e-mail or phone +45 7025 2627 for more information about Industry Index Banking 2013.