Mobile phone operators should strengthen their focus on customer complaints

The Danish mobile companies should have a largerr focus on complaint handling, if they want  loyal customers.

This is among the results from Loyalty Group's latest survey Industry Index Mobile 2013.

2800 Mobile phone customers have participated in Industry Index Mobile 2013 and assessed their mobile operator in key areas such as marketing, products and complaint handling.

Complaint Handling influence on customer loyalty

The study shows that there are significant differences in the number of complaints mobile operators have the latest 12 months. Only 5% of Telmore customers have complained, while a total of 20% of the Telenor and Telia customers have done so.

BrancheIndex Mobil 2013

Figure 1: Have you within the last 12 months approached you to your carrier with a complaint? (The proportion who answered "Yes")

The same pattern is reflected in the level of customer loyalty. Here is Telmore again at the top with the most loyal customers while Telenor and Telia is at the bottom.

BrancheIndex Mobil 2013

Figure 2: Danish The loyalty of our mobile operator (loyalty index of 0-100, based on the intersection of loyalty issues with 1-7 response ranges)

Mobile phone companies should focus on limiting the number of complaints and handle complaints better if they want to strengthen customer loyalty. CEO of Loyalty Group Mikkel Korntved says:
- Good customer handling and for that matter good complaint handling are reflected directly in the customer loyalty. In an industry that is largely characterized by high competition, it is extremely important to master the basics - what customers just expect to be in place.

Great interest for Industry Index Mobile

Industry Index Mobile has met great interest from the Danish mobile companies and the press. The study's results have also been presented in the leading local financial publication.
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