Loyalty Group expands with new representation in Malta

MaltaLoyalty Group has from early January established an office in Malta, an ideal place to deal with the Mediterranean market. The interest from the local business community has already been extensive.

Malta has, in recent years developed into a financial and commercial hub in the Mediterranean and is according to Mikkel Korntved, CEO of Loyalty Group, an obvious platform for new business opportunities:

- Loyalty Group has for over 20 years worked with customers in Northern Europe and now wants to expand to Southern Europe. We have for a couple of years been looking for a suitable place to start, and the final decision fell on Malta, where we see, a great need for our services locally, and a open door to expand the network to other parts of the Mediterranean area.

The new office in Malta is managed by director and senior adviser Paul Aas, who started his work in the Norwegian part of Loyalty Group more than 15 years ago. He has been involved in a wide range of analytical and customer development projects both domestic and internationally, and has now taken the responsibility for developing the new Maltese outlet.

- Both multinational and local companies in Malta are facing significant business challenges and opportunities. It is with pride and humility that we address the task of helping these towards increased customer focus.

Strong interest from the local business scene

The local business community in Malta has already greeted Loyalty Group positively. Both the Maltese Chamber of Commerce and several of the larger companies have shown interest in Loyalty Group's services both within consulting and training.

On November 28th 2013 Loyalty Group "kicked off" the first in a series of lectures for Scandinavian Business Forum Malta , which is managed by the Maltese Chamber of Commerce . In the near future a close cooperation with Business Leaders in Malta is expected to be announced.

The local press has also followed Loyalty Groups first steps in Malta with great interest. Malta's largest newspaper, the Times of Malta, published a full page interview with Mikkel Korntved on the 9th of January 2014 and will also continue to bring articles from Loyalty Group with focus on customer development.