Car Owners are Increasingly More Satisfied - BMW and Lexus Take the Lead

More than 53.000 Scandinavian car owners have evaluated their car brand in AutoIndex 2015. BMW maintains their clear lead in Denmark, and Lexus retains its leading position on all parameters in Norway and Sweden.

For the fourth consecutive year, Lexus is the winner of AutoIndex in both Norway and Sweden. In Denmark, BMW wins for the fifth year in a row. Lexus and BMW triumphs on the overall evaluation as well as on all parameters like the car brand, sales, workshop and customer loyalty. 

AutoIndex - Top 3

  • BMW has the highest overall satisfaction and loyalty in Denmark
  • Lexus has the highest satisfaction and loyalty in both Norway and Sweden
  • In Denmark, BMW keeps the lead followed by Mercedes-Benz and Audi
  • In Norway, Lexus is challenged by BMW, who goes from a fourth to a second place
  • In Sweden, Lexus goes back -0.3% since 2014 but maintains their clear position at the top

Jan Christian Holm, general manager of Lexus Norway says:

- Since the beginning, we have had a strong focus on Customer Service and a great respect for the Lexus brand and all the customers, who choose us.
Our products live up to a superior quality that makes our job easy, as well as a continuous focus on providing the best service in the industry. This applies to both sales and aftersales.

Jan Askholm, CEO of BMW in Denmark says:

- We are proud of the result and perceives it as a recognition of our dedicated efforts to constantly improve Customer Centricity at the dealerships, the workshops as well as internally at BMW Denmark. We would like to thank our many customers, who for the fourth year in a row have selected us as the winner of AutoIndex, and we guarantee that we will do everything we can to continue the positive development. The diploma is the visible proof. It will a visible symbol on the wall at every BMW dealer, reminding everyone of the importance of Customer Satisfaction every day.

Car owners er increasingly more satisfied

On average, the car owner's satisfaction have continuously increased the past decade since Loyalty Group carried out the first AutoIndex survey back in 2003. on average, the car owners' satisfaction have increased by 1.7% in Denmark, 1.1% in Norway and 0.8% in Sweden compared with last year's survey.

- We clearly perceive the car owners' increased satisfactions as something that will lead to higher expectations. This pressures the car brands and the total experience of the car to live up to these higher expectations. Not only the physical qualities of the car and the sales experience, but also throughout the entire customer journey, says Lars Jepsen, Research Manager and Senior Advisor in Loyalty Group.

Scandinavia's largest Car Survey

Auto Index is Scandinavia's largest survey of private car owners and has become an important tool to benchmark the automotive industry.

The survey consists of 120 questions about the car owners' view on the car in itself, the dealer and the workshop. The results are calculated based on more than 53.000 Danish, Norwegian and Swedish car owners' evaluation of:

  • The car and its driving abilities (weight 40 %)
  • Experience of Sales when purchasing the car (weight 20 %)
  • Service of the car at the workshop (weight 20 %)
  • Loyalty to the car brand (weight 20 %)

Contact Research Manager, Lars Jepsen on e-mail or call +45 7025 2627, if you would like to know more about AutoIndex.

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