Customer Centricity - Serious Business for Maltese Top Leaders

Malta LeadersEarlier this month, Loyalty Group arranged a few Executive Briefings for specially invited local top leaders within the industries of financial services, hospitality and automotive.

The group of participants listened closely and engaged to what the Scandinavian "Customer Guru" Mikkel Korntved had to say about the never-ending importance of taking care of Customers.

Mikkel, CEO of Loyalty Group, gave a short pep talk about the theory of Customer Loyalty and Centricity before stressing why this is not only "nice to have", but rather a "need to have" for small as well as large businesses.

By showing how Customer Centricity can be used strategically as a management tool to increase business revenue and profit, he caught the audience's attention.
Those, who had seen the opportunity to come, listen and get insight from the "Loyalty Evangelist," as Mikkel is called in his home country, were very enthusiastic about the Briefing.

One comment from a CEO clearly sums up the impression that the participants were left with after two intensive hours; "This is something that we simply can't afford to ignore!"

"The positive feedback and the practical format of these informal Briefings show us that we definitely want to do something similar in the Maltese market later this the year," concludes Loyalty Group's local representative, Paul Aas.

If you have realized the essentialness of working targeted with Customer Centricity and can't wait until the next Briefing; please get in touch with Loyalty Group for more information.