Dialogkonferansen: Content Marketing and Going Digital is Key

With the largest number of participants ever having attending Dialogkonferansen in Strømstad, the 540 attendees of this year's event was arriving by car, bus, airplane, helicopter and on bicycle. The message was clear: The key to increased customer value and ROMI is found in Customer Insight, relevant communication and through the ability to meet customers on new digital platforms.

DialogkonferansenDialogkonferansen 2015 consisted of a 3 day program, tightly packed with leading speakers from Scandinavia, Great Britain and USA, focussing on the newest international tendencies within targeted 1:1 customer dialogue and Customer Centricity. Not to mention, how best-in-class companies achieve tattoo-worthy Customer Relations and brands. Content Marketing and Going Digital was a key topic on everyone's lips at the international conference.

The conference facilitated international workshops and presentations from companies such as Nike, Starbucks, Innocent Drinks Playboy, OBH Nordica, MGM, Samsung, Air France, KLM and Harley Davidson.

Great Stories Affect the Brand

Content Marketing was a key topic on the agenda of this year's conference in Strømstad. Marketing is no longer simply an exercise in communication. It is imperative to inform and provide relevant as well as timely 'content' to the customers, which in turn generate interest, involvement and increased customer value. When done right, Content Marketing affects the brand in a positive way by increasing Customer Loyalty and ROMI. In other words, knowledge of customers' true interests is paramount because these insights affect the product, services and brand in a positive way as well as contributing to increased profitability.

Dan Germain, Head of Brand & Creative at Innocent Drinks emphasizied the point of "The Circle of Good" starting when choosing a drink at the cooler at a café or the local supermarket. Innocent Drinks has many great stories to share such as the extreme length their sourcing team would go to find the best fruit, their commitment to finding the most sustainable packaging, as well as the fact that 10% of profits are given to people who need it more than they do. Stories of how these funds supported projects that has changed lives in Uganda and Peru, provide grounds for recognition - A recognition that has a positive effect on the brand!

Going Digital

Another important theme presented at the conference was 'Going Digital', and handling and using new technology effectively i.e. APPs, social media and customer driven platforms. The key was meeting the customers on their terms and achieving maximum customer value.

New technological platforms and changes in consumer behaviour has allowed companies, in a relevant, convenient, informative and timely fashion, to accommodate customer needs better than ever. Although important, technology should never replace the creative element within marketing or of establishing a personally addressed customer dialogue. In a world driven by technology, a focus on going "Back to the Basics" and ensuring a personal connection with customers is essential.

The coming years will show whether or not companies manage to identify and benefit from the new possibilities brought forward by digital technologies in meeting the needs, behaviours and routines of the customers. Digital platforms play an increasingly important role in the everyday lives of the customers, and as such, it is imperative that companies accommodate this scenario if they continuously wish to improve the Customer Experience and value meeting the customers on their terms.