FLSmidth Increasing Customer Focus

In collaboration with Loyalty Group, FLSmidth has initiated a global pilot project with the aim of establishing a foundation for customer insight across country borders.

FLSmidth- Attaining insight into the customers and getting a clear picture of what the customer wants and values is essential to us. When a project of building a cement plant is passed on from one team to another and in the end to the customer, communication is key. Loyalty Group is helping us increase our customer focus leading to Customer Loyalty, Nadia Haagen, Project Manager and Global Strategic Marketing Manager in FLSmidth comments.

From Insight to Customer Value

The customer relationships are of vital importance to FLSmidth and the aim is to attain insight into what creates value in the eyes of the customers ensuring that both parties experience equal value of the collaboration.

FLSmidth experiences significant regional challenges when engineering cement plants globally. It requires insight into both customers and the markets as well as the ability to engineer innovative solutions meeting the specific customers' demands, needs and conditions.

- In collaboration with FLSmidth, we will create a platform for ensuring greater relevance in the communication with our customers and develop a foundation for providing sales with better support. A "Customer Intimacy"-strategy will be defined with the aim of creating deep customer insight, making it possible to segment the customer base within both Project Sales and Products & Upgrades. In effect, the strategy will enable FLSmidth relevant 1:1 communication reaching the right people at the right time, explains Nils Riske, consultant at Loyalty Group.

Customer Centricity is a Priority

Having a keen focus on Customer Centricity is valuable and meaningful to FLSmidth not only in the short run, but also in the long run because such a focus allows FLSmidth to work in a more targeted and structured manner. Thereby ensuring that the customer's experience significant value in the collaboration throughout the project.

- Future wise, knowing what is and what is not important from the customers' viewpoint is key to FLSmidth. Consolidating these elements of importance with those of the customers', as well as insight into how these differ on a global scale, empowers FLSmidth with a sustainable and targeted focus in meeting the customer's needs, Nadia Haagen finishes.

More Info

Contact Loyalty Group on phone +45 7025 2627 or e-mail if you would like to know more about attaining the right Customer Insight and communicating it to the right people at the right time, thereby optimizing the Customer Value.