Unity Technologies Focus on Ensuring Customer Retention

Unity Technologies has initiated collaboration with Loyalty Group with the aim of increasing Customer Retention and generate additional sales by strengthening the relationship with the customers.

Unity TechnologiesUnity Technologies is a global IT company, whose business is based on licenses and subscribing customers. The purpose of the collaboration with Loyalty Group is ensuring that the customers renew their subscription or upgrade their licenses more frequently and purchase more as well, future wise. Moreover, Unity Technologies has a vision of being perceived and included as a partner in the product development process rather than just a provider of the customer's technology platform.

- We initially had a goal of maintaining our subscribing customers by optimizing the communication stream. In our dialogue with Loyalty Group and based on their calculation and our business case, it quickly became clear that it made sense to increase the focus to our entire business, says Dorthe Hietala, Marketing Manager at Unity Technologies.

From Mapping Touch Points to an Action Plan

Loyalty Group has contributed in creating a detailed overview of the customer's journey through their Life Cycle by drafting a Customer Journey Map. Based on input from relevant key employees across the organization, the mapping was completed.

Loyalty Group described the customer's feeling, expectations and frustrations within every Touch Point. Based on recommendations, an Action Plan was drafted for optimizing communication, service initiatives, segmentation and customer measurements within every Touch Point.

- Loyalty Group has brought an invaluable toolbox and structure for mapping the Customer's Life Cycle. They have coordinated and managed the entire process and has functioned as strategically sparring partners and contributed with key examples of "Best Practices", which we have been able to benchmark ourselves against, states Dorthe Hietala.

The Customer in the Center for Future Efforts

Unity Technologies are currently implementing Loyalty Group's recommendations into the communication flow throughout the entire Customer Life Cycle. Next step in the collaboration is initiating trigger-based measurements and action-based measurements of the Customer Experience within the most important Touch Points. This customer insight will be used to target new efforts and establish even stronger relationship with the customers.

- Loyalty Group has represented our customers in the process of optimizing communication streams. They have given us an overview of where to make adjustments and what to be aware of to ensure the Customer Retention and generate additional sales. We have gained an increased focus on coordinating our efforts by keeping the viewpoint of the customer in the center, concludes Dorthe Hietala.

Want to Know More?

Contact Loyalty Group on +45 7025 2627 or e-mail info@loyaltygroup.eu, if you would like to know more about how we can help you mapping the Touch Points in the Customers Life Cycle and optimize customer retention.