WAECO/Dometic Denmark Increases Customer Insight

A collaboration between Loyalty Group and WAECO ensures focus on increased Customer Retention and sales through stronger Customer Relations

WaecoWAECO/Dometic Denmark is a Customer Centric, globally leading manufacturer of innovative products for mobile living. WAECO/Dometic Denmark develops and offers products and solutions that enrich people's experiences when away from home, be it in motorhomes, caravans, trucks or boats.

- A year and a half ago, we had a goal of increasing Customer Loyalty, stimulating additional sales and increasing our turnover within the climate-workshop segment. To us, gaining stronger Customer Insight is vital in order to take necessary actions and ensuring that we use our time and resources in an efficient way. Furthermore, it is our goal that our customers obtain a better insight into our product portfolio, as well as increase their willingness to recommend us, says Per Flensted, CEO of WAECO/ Dometic Denmark.

From Customer Insight to Actual Change

Loyalty Group has ensured WAECO/ Dometic Denmark a detailed data framework and has gained both relevant and valuable Customer Insight on which they can take action.

- Working with Loyalty Group has given us a crucial insight into our customers of which we already can see the effect. Based on the customer insight, we have engaged several initiatives and we have gotten a better overview of our service visits, which now is booked 14 days ahead of time. This enabled us to not being behind schedule, which has had a significant effect on the Customer Experience, says Per Flensted.

Customer Insight is Key  - Now and in the Future

Currently, WAECO/Dometic Denmark is busy implementing changes necessary for improving the Customer Experience, stimulating additional sales and increasing turnover. Next step working with Loyalty Group is carrying out a follow up customer survey. This customer insight will be used to better target new initiatives and focus areas creating a closer connection to the customers.

- Loyalty Group has given us insight into how we can target our customers better and what it takes to ensure Customer Retention as well as stimulation additional sales. We have gained stronger Customer Insight and established a far greater focus on coordinating our Customer Focused initiatives in a value-generating manner. We have moved from acting on our hunch to base our strategic decisions on concrete facts about our customers, says Per Flensted.

More info

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