Loyalty Group measures customer loyalty in selected industries

Since 2001, we have taken the temperature of customer loyalty in selected industries so we can advice our customers based on facts and updated knowledge.

All together, we give you a unique opportunity to see how your company performs compared to your competitors on key areas such as customer service, consulting, pricing, products, and marketing.

Get unique knowledge about competitors and strengthen customer loyalty

Many companies have already experienced the value of Industry Index and use the results to:

  • Strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Get beneficial knowledge about competitors
  • Boost marketing efforts with relevant facts
  • Prepare for press coverage

We expand the number of surveys continuously and would be glad to hear from you if you have suggestions to other industries we can direct our loyalty barometer at. Currently, we conduct Industry

Index surveys in the following industries:

  • Pension
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Mobile carrier
  • Internet provider
  • Automobile

Get more information on Industry Index

Please feel free to contact our research consultant, Mr Lars Jepsen, on e-mail lj@loyaltygroup.dk or on telephone +45 7025 2627, if you want to know more about Industry Index and use of the results.

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