The most in-depth CSI/customer survey about cars in Scandinavia

AutoIndex 2019AutoIndex is Loyalty Group's most extensive and in-depth CSI/customer survey, with more than 44,000 private car owner interviews conducted on a yearly basis. The survey has been carried out since 2001 and provides detailed knowledge about private car owners' experience and satisfaction with their car, car dealer and workshop. 

24 Scandinavian car suppliers use the AutoIndex as a means to benchmark against their closest competitors and target and strengthen their actions towards customers.

Results from AutoIndex 2019:

BMW secures its position as winner of the Danish AutoIndex, followed by Volvo on a second place, and Mercedes-Benz on a third place. The survey results are based on more than 23,000 Danish car owners' experiences and opinions. When it comes to the customers' evaluation of the areas sales and service, Toyota still takes the lead.

Lexus wins this year's AutoIndex in Norway. The second place goes to Volvo, followed by BMW on a third place. Of all the participating car makes in the Norwegian AutoIndex, Kia experiences the highest growth. The survey results are based on more than 11,000 Norwegian car owners' experiences and opinions. Besides winning the AutoIndex, Lexus achieves the highest scores on all four areas.

Toyota wins this year's AutoIndex in Sweden. The second place goes to Subaru, followed by Honda on a third place. Of all the participating car makes in the Swedish AutoIndex, Renault experiences the highest growth. The survey results are based on more than 10,000 Norwegian car owners' experiences and opinions. 

The AutoIndex survey contains more than 200 questions, where private car owners evaluate their cars according to the following areas: The car in itself (the product), overall loyalty, car dealer (the buying experience) and the workshop (service of the car).

AutoIndex 2019


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AutoIndex has the answers

Not only does the survey give you  detailed insight into the customer's experiences with your car make, but also answers to central questions about your closest competitors. Among other things, AutoIndex will answer:

  • Which car owners considered your car make but chose another make?
  • Why the car owners chose a competing car make instead your make?
  • Which car owners of other car makes will choose your make next time?
  • Why owners of your specific car make use unauthorized workshops?
  • How does your car make perform compared with your closest competitors?

Citat - Toyota

Unique knowledge about your competitors

AutoIndex is a valuable tool in that allows you to follow developments in car owner satisfaction and loyalty year by year. More than 26 Scandinavian car importers already cooperate with Loyalty Group as AutoIndex clients and use the results as an important addition to their own surveys.

AutoIndex gives you comprehensive knowledge about car owner experiences and satisfaction with the dealer, workshop and car itself. At the same time you get a unique opportunity to compare your results with competing car makes and last but not least, the unauthorized workshops - all of this on a detailed level (single question level).

From facts to action

Loyalty Group draws on more than 20 years of experience in customer loyalty development in the car industry and we can help you convert the results from AutoIndex to concrete action and commercial value. We conduct yearly workshops with the management teams of a range of car importers. At the workshop we present the results from AutoIndex and offer recommendations as to how the customer experience may be improved and how to increase profitability.
We also present results at the yearly dealer conventions and take part - as specialists on Customer Centricity and Loyalty - in the service training and education of sales- and workshop staff.

AutoIndex gives you the opportunity to target and strengthen activities based on concrete knowledge, whether the goal is to create a better customer experience or improve the level of service at the workshop level.

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