The survey uses an Internet-based questionnaire system. Respondents in Norway and Sweden are recruited by phone on the basis of a Central Registry database and then activated by e-mail with a link to the Internet questionnaire.

In Denmark respondents are also recruited by phone but because of the strict Danish rules that prohibit the use of the Central Registry database, the work involved is much more extensive.

A total of more than 40,000 car owners are interviewed across the three Scandinavian markets. All these respondents are carefully screened to meet a combination of the following criteria:

  1. Car owners who have bought their vehicle from new
  2. Car owners who have bought their vehicle used
  3. Car owners with vehicles registered for the first time no earlier than 4 years prior to their AutoIndex participation.
  4. Car owners with vehicles registered for the first time between 5 and 7 years earlier.

Data is retrieved during the period January to March.

Contents of the questionnaire:

The Internet-based questionnaire comprises more than 150 questions.

The questionnaire has embedded intelligence, so respondents can be asked questions based on their response to the previous questions.

Citat -Mercedes -UK

The questions are divided into the following main fields:

  • Demographic information
  • The consumer's opinions, behavior and values
  • Current, previous and future choice of car
  • Background information about the car in question
  • Evaluation of the car itself
  • Evaluation of the sales/purchase situation
  • Evaluation of the workshop/service of the car
  • Loyalty towards the make of car, dealer and workshop

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