Why AutoIndex?

The objective of the AutoIndex Study is to identify car owners' opinions of - and their experiences with - their make of car within the areas of the car itself, the sales/purchase situation and the workshops/service of the car.

A balanced picture has been created of the performance of the individual makes of car in relation to each other. Which car provides the best experience, which dealers do well and which workshops lead the way!

The survey is independent and was originally inspired, among other things, by the global survey carried out by international research company J.D. Power.

This thoroughly tried-and-tested method ensures importers a valid, cause-explanatory basis for making decisions at both the overall and detailed level. The use of this model also ensures that the results can be compared with results from other types of companies and businesses that use the LoyaltyMatrix as their loyalty classification model.

Citat - Opel

You are guaranteed the best possible basis for evaluating your brands loyalty performance in relation to the rest of the industry.

The AutoIndex Study is carried out by Loyalty Group A/S in cooperation with the Danish motorists' organisation FDM and the Swedish motoring magazine Vi Bilägare.

This survey has been carried out in the Scandinavian markets once a year since 2001 and the main results will be presented in the second quarter in the motoring magazines of the respective countries/participants in the AutoIndex project. 

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