Contact Study – Optimize your customer meetings

NewbizoptimizerContact Study is aimed for companies that work with personal selling and will provide you with information about new prospects' perception of the meetings with your salespeople.

Among other things, you will learn how the prospects perceive the salespeople's consulting, the sales material and the presentation of your company. You can use this knowledge to directly optimize the meetings and the competences of each individual salesperson.

It is essential that the salespeople are prepared to create value from the very first meeting as confidence between the salesperson and the prospect is created here and thus forms the foundation for the final purchase decision.

Optimize the customer meeting and increase the hit rate

Contact Study ensures that your salespeople use their resources optimally and create as much value as possible at the meetings with new prospects. This will give you an increased hit rate and turnover on sales to new customers. 
At the same time, you will reduce the selling costs noticeable by virtue of a shorter entry time and a more effective sales team.

Your benefit from Contact Study will be:

  • Optimized sales competences
  • Increased turnover on new sales
  • Reduced costs


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