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You want your business to become more customer-centric. But you're not completely sure about your next move. We can help you turn your customer ambitions into results. Using the proven Customerfit method, our coaches assess your company's current customer fitness levels and work with your team to develop a roadmap for the future. 

CustomerfitHow it works

To master customer-centricity, any business needs to develop 20 capabilities. Our coaches help your teams make this happen in three steps: 

Evaluate your business' current level of customer fitness. The scan indicates where you are doing well and where you need to prioritise improvements. 

Determine your next level of customer-centricity and prototype a roadmap to achieve it. Support this with an implementation guide, resource plan and business case. 

Do short and focused sprints to blitz one customer capability after the next. Rather than transform your complete business overnight, generate results step-by-step.

Who is it for?

Customerfit applies to companies anywhere on the road to customer-centricity. It can add value whether you:

  • are just getting started and want to identify your smartest next move(s)
  • have begun to flex your customer-centric muscles, but feel that there is room for improvement or acceleration
  • are already customer-centric, but want to stay sharp and raise the bar.

The first step 

We have made it easy for you to take the first step towards becoming more customer-centric. The One Person Customerfit SCAN gives you an initial picture of your company's current customer fitness based on 20 online questions. 

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses you will be ready to take your customer fitness to the next level - with or without support from our coaches.

Go deeper with the Team SCAN

If you want more detailed insight, you and your management team can do the Team SCAN including a workshop. Please contact us for more information about this at or +45 7025 2627.

Ready to take the first step towards becoming more customer-centric?

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