Employee Study – strengthen employee loyalty

EmployeestudyEmployee Study enables you to monitor the development in employee satisfaction and loyalty and solve potential problems before they result in absence due to sickness, resignations and bad publicity.

Employee Study adds another dimension to the traditional satisfaction survey in the form of loyalty which provides you with an idea of employee commitment, productivity and readiness for change.

Furthermore, you gain insight to the motives behind employee loyalty or disloyalty so you have a solid base for decision in developing and retaining the employees.

With the right knowledge about the employees, you can work goal-oriented on strengthening the employee satisfaction and loyalty. In that way, you can obtain low employee churn, higher productivity and lower recruitment costs.

The fact is that loyal employees are willing to make an extra effort, have less sick days, make fewer errors, and help to attract employees to the company.

Your benefits of Employee Study are:

  • Reduce employee churn
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs

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