Exit Study – Reduce customer churn

ExitassessmentExit Study provides you with insights on how to prevent customer churn and how to recover lost customers - that is if it is profitable for you.

You will learn why your customers choose to leave and what your company can do better in the future. This knowledge we combine with information about commercial value of each customer so that you will be able to optimize your retention efforts.

If the customer is valuable enough for your company, you may try to convince your customer to return to you. If the customer has no commercial value, make sure to end the relationship with your customer on a good note.

Prevent customer churn and minimize negative publicity

Exit Study makes it possible for you to recover the individual customer and at the same time reduce future customer churn by working goal-oriented with the weaknesses of your company.

Simultaneously, you prevent negative publicity in the market and make it more likely that the customer returns at a later time and then again contributes to your turnover. 

Your benefit from Exit Study:

  • Recover your customers
  • Reduce future customer churn
  • Minimize negative publicity

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