Lead Study – effective prospect qualification


Lead Study enables your salespeople to qualify a prospect and estimate the potential sale even before the first meeting.

Your salespeople will gain knowledge on the prospect's challenges compared to the solutions that your company offers. It enables them to estimate whether the dialogue should continue or if the prospect is to be disqualified right away.

The qualification also prepares your salespeople for the first meeting. They already know the prospect's challenges and needs and will therefore be able to target the dialogue and make specific recommendations.

Qualify the prospects and increase your turnover

Lead Study will enable you to increase your turnover because your salespeople only spend time on those prospects that have an actual need for your company's solutions and that are most likely to buy.

At the same time, your selling costs will be reduced because your salespeople are working more goal-oriented and efficient which again will lead to quicker sales.

Your benefit form Lead Study:

  • Increase your turnover and your hit rate
  • Use the sales resources optimally
  • Reduce your selling costs

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