Lost Order Study – Increase your win rate effectively

LostorderassessmentLost Order Study provides you with a systematic follow-up on all lost orders - even without you or your salespeople having to make a great effort.

You will gain specific knowledge on how you can optimize sales and increase your win rate on proposals in the future. You will learn why the prospect chose to place the order with your competitor, which competitors you were bidding against, and what your salespeople can do to win more orders in the future.

Structured follow-up conveys a professional approach to selling and also gives you a reason for the lost orders.

Win more orders and reduce your costs

Knowledge about why you loose orders enables you to optimize your salespeople's competences and ensures that the resources are used optimally. This is the way to win more orders and increase you turnover in the future.

At the same time, you will reduce your selling costs as your salespeople will book new orders in a quicker and more efficient way.

Your benefit of Lost Order Study:

  • Get more orders in the future
  • Optimize the selling process
  • Reduce your costs

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