Loyalty Segmentation – The Key to Increased Marketing Impact

The lecture "The Key to Increased Marketing Impact" challenges the often inadequate segmentation of customers, which leads to an experience of irrelevant and ineffective marketing communication. The lecture highlights the value of targeted communication based on knowledge about the individual customer's business value, future potential and loyalty to the company. Get inspiration to divide the customers into relevant segments and increase the impact of the Marketing initiatives significantly.

The lecture highlights:

  • Introduction to the topic loyalty-based customer segmentation in Marketing
  • Facts about segmentation and measurement of impact in Marketing departments
  • Focus on the business value of an effective customer segmentation
  • Inspiration for segmentation based on customer value, potential and loyalty
  • Examples of businesses practicing loyalty segmentation
  • Final recommendations and handouts for inspiration

Target Audience: The lecture is targeted marketing managers and others with interest in optimizing and developing the marketing department.

Duration: 1 hour (including questions).

Location: The lecture will be held at your company unless otherwise agreed.

Lecturer: The lecture will be held by a senior advisor from Loyalty Group.

Contact Nitin Ruparelia on e-mail nr@loyaltygroup.dk or by phone +45 70 25 26 27 for pricing and additional information about the lecture.

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