Make your decisions based on facts

The lecture "Make your decisions based on facts" challenges the inadequate information base which management often base their decisions on. Decisions must be based on solid knowledge about the customers and not traditions and gut feelings. Get inspiration to utilize customer knowledge optimally across departments to create a solid knowledge foundation, strengthen the customer experience and create greater business value.

The lecture highlights:

  • Introduction to the subject decisions based on facts
  • Facts about the use of customer knowledge as a basis for initiatives
  • Focus on the business value of 1:1 customer knowledge
  • Inspiration to exploit knowledge optimally across departments
  • Examples of working with 1:1 customer knowledge in practice
  • Final recommendations and distribution of inspirational material

Target Audience: This course is for the company's top management.

Duration: 1 hour (including questions).

Location: The lecture will be held in your company, unless otherwise agreed.

Lecturer: The lecture will be held by a senior consultant from Loyalty Group.

Contact Nitin Ruparelia on e-mail or by phone +45 70 25 26 27 for pricing and additional information about the lecture.



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