Are your customers dissatisfied?

Does your Customer Service department get an increasing number of complaints from customers that are dissatisfied with your company?

Customers may experience an inadequate or slow service when they contact you for advice or to get an answer to actual questions.

One of the reasons may be that your employees do not have the necessary overview of the customers' situation and history and therefore spend too much time on serving the customers.

The consequences are that you:

  • Have unnecessary high service costs
  • Get notices of termination from dissatisfied customers
  • Risk negative publicity in the market

Strengthen the service level with the right customer knowledge

Welcome Study ensures you the relevant knowledge about the customers' expectations and needs already from the beginning of the cooperation. This gives you the best conditions for efficient service and satisfied customers.

Customer Study allows you to follow the development of customer satisfaction, loyalty, history and expectations to the cooperation. It is important knowledge in order to maintain a high service level.

Exit Study provides you with knowledge about customers that chose to terminate the cooperation with your company. You will get important knowledge about how to strengthen service and communication with customers in the future.

A quick and targeted service creates increased customer satisfaction and is the foundation for long-term customer relations and additional sale.

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