Is your employee churn rate too high?

Do you also experience that Customer Service is a department that is often characterized by a high employee churn rate?

The reason may often be that the work pressure of the employees is high due to dissatisfied customers and a demand for high efficiency.

If the employees do not have the necessary overview and the right motivation, it may lead to job dissatisfaction and in the end to resignations.

The consequences are that you

  • have increased recruitment costs
  • get more customer complaints
  • experience reduced efficiency in Customer Service

Strengthen the customer and employee satisfaction

Employee Study allows you to reveal employee job dissatisfaction so you may handle the problems, if any, before they lead to resignations.

Customer Study makes it possible for you to work goal-oriented to strengthen the customer satisfaction and loyalty. There is a clear connection between satisfied customers and satisfied and motivated employees.

Focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as employee satisfaction and loyalty and create greater job satisfaction and less absence due to sickness as well as resignations.

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