Do you experience an increasing absence due to sickness?

Do you experience that a larger number than usually of your employees report sick? Then there may be a reason to look further into the causes for the sick notes.

It might be an unfortunate coincidence of sickness among the employees, but often there is a connection between increasing absence due to sickness and job dissatisfaction.

Job dissatisfaction among the employees leads to more sick days, lower productivity and maybe even disloyal behavior towards the company.

The consequences are that you:

  • Risk resignations from your employees
  • Have extra training and education costs
  • Have difficulties attracting new employees

Uncover the causes and reduce the absence due to sickness

Employee Study provides you with ongoing knowledge about the employee satisfaction and loyalty. It makes it possible for you to uncover potential causes for the job dissatisfaction.

With a goal-oriented effort you can make sure that the reasons will be handled before they result in sick reports and - at worst - resignations from the employees.

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