Do you have difficulties attracting new employees?

Do you experience that it is difficult to attract new employees to your company despite a targeted recruitment effort?

The reason may be that your employees and customers make unfavourable comments about your company because they are dissatisfied with it as a workplace or as a business partner.

The negative publicity makes it difficult to convince new qualified employees to plan a future at your company no matter how interesting the job description is.

The consequences are that you

  • Have unnecessary high recruitment costs
  • Have limited employee resources to draw on
  • Experience customer dissatisfaction and employee dissatisfaction

Satisfied customers and employees attract new manpower

Employee Study enables you to discover employee dissatisfaction and disloyalty. This makes it possible for you to prevent employee churn and negative publicity of your company.

Customer Study gives you an overview of customer satisfaction and loyalty which makes it possible for you to prevent that customers slam the door and spread unfavourable comments about your company.

Exit Study ensures that customers who have chosen to terminate the relationship with your company get an opportunity to address their dissatisfaction. This lowers the probability for negative comments about your company in the market.

Satisfied customers and employees will make positive comments about your company to others and at the same time they contribute to attracting new qualified employees through recommendations.

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