Do your training plans create value?

Is it a challenge for you to plan and find the most relevant training for your employees?

Maybe you need an overview of the competences that creates optimal value for the individual employee, the company, and - not least - the customer.

Training plans without clear objectives can best be described as an expense to the company. The employees will not be prepared properly to create increased value for the customers, and the company does not reap the financial yield from it.

The consequences are that you

  • Have unnecessary high training costs
  • Cannot make the value of the tranining visible
  • Lose support from top management

Create optimal value with targeted training

Customer Study provides you with knowledge on customer satisfaction, experience and expectations for the cooperation. On that basis you can target the training so the competences of the employees correspond with the need of the customers.

Employee Study supplements you with knowledge on the job satisfaction, the commitment and the development potential of each individual employee. With this knowledge you can plan training that both motivates and develop each employee.

Focus on the need of the customers as well as the employees is the way to effective training plans that will create optimal value all around.

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