Optimize your sale based on customer knowledge

Individual customer knowledge is the source of optimized sales and increased earnings. Your customers have the answers to how you win more orders, attract new customers and reduce the customer churn rate. We make sure you have the necessary customer knowledge and convert it into actual improvements in your sales department. Typically, we help the sales responsible with the following challenges:

Is your customer intake too low?

Is it continually more difficult to attract new customers and consequently to increase the turnover? Spend the time on the right prospects and learn from the prospects that chose your competitor.

Is the turnover on new customers too low?

Do your sales people spend too much time on writing offers and having meetings without getting new orders? Get the answer to how you optimize the sales process and get from offer to order in an effective way.

Can you not predict your turnover?

Do you have difficulties predicting your turnover even though your sales people continuously update the order pipeline? Get your customers' answers to what they expect to buy and take control of the sales figures.

Do you have dissatisfied customers?

Have your customers in general become more dissatisfied? It may often be that their expectations for the cooperation are not met. Align your expectations from the beginning of the cooperation and strengthen customer satisfaction.

Do you miss the opportunity for additional sale?

The opportunity of selling more to the company's existing clients is obvious. But do you know which customers you can sell more to? Get the answers so you can direct your sale making it more effective.

Is your customer churn rate too high?

Do you lose customers without knowing why? Then you miss the opportunity to create additional sale and long-term customer relations. Get the answers to how you manage critical customers and prevent customer churn.

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