Do you have difficulties predicting turnover?

Do you have difficulties predicting turnover even though your sales people continuously update the pipeline? The figures look promising but at the end of the month they are quite different.

The reason for this may be that the sales people do not have enough knowledge about the prospects' expectations and needs which makes the estimates to inaccurate.

The consequences are that you:

  • Do not reach your budget goals
  • Do not allocate your sales resources correctly
  • do not meet management expectations

Know the needs of your customers and predict your turnover

Welcome Study helps you uncover expectations and needs of the customers already from the beginning of the cooperation - a fine indicator for future sales.

Customer Study provides you with an overview of customer satisfaction, loyalty and expectations to future purchases from your company.

You can predict your turnover with great accuracy when you base your predictions on actual knowledge about the customers' needs and expectations.

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