Is your customer churn rate too high?

Do you constantly experience that more customers choose to leave your company in favour of your competitor?

The reason for the loss of customers may often be that the customers' expectations were not met. You do not realize that the customer is dissatisfied until it is too late, and you do not have an operational plan for winning the customer back.

The consequences of an increasing customer churn rate are that you

  • lose expected turnover
  • have increased cost related to new sale
  • risk negative publicity in the market.

Prevent and reduce customer churn

Welcome Study ensures an actual alignment of expectations from the beginning of the cooperation and with that the best foundation for a long customer relationship.

Customer Study ensures a constant overview of the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers allowing you to work proactively to prevent customer churn.

Exit Study provides you with knowledge on how you can work goal-oriented on winning back the customers which have already decided to leave your company.

Actual alignment of expectations, a constant focus on customer loyalty and a goal-oriented exit strategy is the way to strong customer relations and a lower customer churn rate.

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