Is your turnover on new customers too low?

Do your sales people spend too many resources on writing offers and having meetings with prospects without booking any orders?

The reason is often that the sales people spend their time on the wrong prospects or do not follow up properly on the prospect - neither after the meeting nor after the customer has made a decision.

The consequences are that you:

  • miss out on sale to new prospects
  • have unnecessary high selling costs
  • waste valuable time and resources

Optimize the sales process on the basis of knowledge

Lead Study makes your sales people capable of qualifying new prospects and spending their time on the prospects that are most likely to lead to sales.

Contact Study allows your sales people to follow up on their meetings in a structured way and create the best foundation for a future cooperation.

Lost Order Study provides you with knowledge on how your sales people can optimize the sales effort in the future even if you competitor ends win the order.

Targeted focus on the right prospects and a structured follow-up is the way to optimize the sale and increase your turnover.

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